Your application has been received! We will be selecting the winner sometime in January 2012. We will announce the winner on TWITTER and FACEBOOK, please follow us by clicking the links.

This scholarship is sponsored by Mike Moyer, author of How to Make Colleges Want You and College Peas. If you are a standout student, but don’t have great grades and test scores  you may be interested in learning more about College Peas.

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PS: I recently created a new scholarship that’s just for fun- it has nothing to do with college and nothing to do with the scholarship you just applied for. It’s a $100 party scholarship. In other words, I’ll give you money to throw a party (the money is not for college, I repeat, it is not for college). Here is how it works:

  • You tell me about your party idea using the form below
  • I’ll post your idea to and send you the link
  • You give the link to your friends so they can vote for your party
  • I give the money to the party with the most votes at the end of the application period
It’s cool and fun. If you would like to apply, here is the application form: