DSC_0121One of the best ways (by far) to get an edge in college admissions is to break from your peer group and do something different. Starting your own business or charity or accomplishing something else that is unusual for teenagers is a great way to do this.

The Start-Up Summer Camp is designed to help you launch your project on the right foot. Lessons will be based on a structured curriculum, but with flexibility built-in so students can get individual direction on building their organization. Students can work on their own or in teams to pursue their own interests. I teach similar classes at Northwestern and the University of Chicago, but the summer camp lessons will be less theory and more action.

The camp will include approximately 30 hours of class time and I will be available all summer to respond to questions and provide direction to team.

At the end of the summer students will have an exciting and meaningful project or company that not only be a great learning experience, but also set them apart from their peergroup.

Right now I am interested in better understanding student availability so I can plan the sessions to fit into a busy summer schedule.  Please take a moment to complete the following survey so I can plan the best dates and times.

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