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College Peas can help you understand the college admissions process and position yourself as the kind of students colleges look for- even if your grades and test scores aren’t great. Of course good grades and test scores always have been and always will be an important part of getting into college. But what if you’re part of the 90% of students that didn’t make the top 10% of your class? Does that mean you can’t get into your first choice of college? Of course not, there are ways of standing out to college admissions departments.

There are things you can do, simple things, during each stage that can give you the edge over your competition. Too often students are told to “buckle down” and “work harder” to get into college. While we have nothing against dedication and hard work,

those aren’t necessarily the things that are going to help you during the college admissions process.

Applying the lessons from College Peas will help any student increase their chances of being accepted to college.

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Not Just Any College

There are lots of colleges that will take just about anyone. These colleges, known as non-selective colleges, aren’t necessarily “bad”. They just have enough space to accommodate lots of students. Many very good colleges fall into this category including some big-name state colleges.

If you pick a non-selective college you don’t need College Peas.

College Peas is about getting into a selective college.

If you have your heart set on going to a selective college then you need College Peas

College Peas is a series of lessons about the college admissions process from a behind-the-scenes perspective. This unique perspective is presented by Mike Moyer, co-founder of the College Admissions web site and author of the book How to Make Colleges Want You: Insider Secrets to Tipping the Admissions Odds in Your Favor.

College Peas DVD Seminar

The seminar is entertaining and easy to understand. College Peas won’t overwhelm you with too much to do or think about. You already have what it takes to get into a competitive college; College Peas simply shows you how to shine!

You will learn invaluable strategies for beating overwhelming admissions odds in each of College Peas stages:


  • Getting into college isn’t as competitive as most people think. Learn why colleges are actually competing more with each other to attract students


  • Understand who the people are that work in college admissions and how they can help you get the edge.


  • Get a peek in the day of the life of an admissions counselor and see why their problem is your opportunity.


  • Learn how to choose extracurricular activities that will position yourself as a superstar to the admissions committee.
  • Understand the impact of your GPA and how to make a poor GPA a virtual “non-issue” in the admission process.
  • Discover a simple tool that can help you understand your future
  • Hear the story about how Mike went from being a C/D student to being an A student overnight


  • Understand a college’s hot buttons and how you can pick the colleges most likely to accept you
  • Find out why you already have what it takes to get in


  • Choose the right people to help you stand out – even perfect strangers
  • Learn a simple concept that can easily increase your chances of getting in by 35%
  • Find out why a total stranger could be your key to getting in


  • Find out how to choose the college that is right for you
  • Learn what makes a college tick and if it will get you where you want to be- a graduate!

Praise for the Peas:

  • “Loved the presentation! Thank you for opening my mind!” – Tamika Rice, Guidance Counselor
  • “Great useful information!” – Halima Moore, Guidance Counselor
  • “Excellent presentation! A much needed resource!” – Diane McGuire, Guidance Counselor
  • “Mike was an excellent resource, provided very useful information!” – William Maldonado, Guidance Counselor
  • “I thought this presentation was extremely helpful…I learned some very useful information to use and pass on!” –Lorraine West, Guidance Counselor
  • “The presentation was captivating and updated!” – G. Pauciello, Guidance Counselor
  • “I feel so relieved and I know I can do it!” – M. Quilici, Student

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  • Companion Workbook
    • We took the notes so you don’t have to
    • Includes worksheets and exercises

Our Guarantee

College Peas will help you improve your chances of getting into a competitive college. It will provide ideas and strategies that will help you understand the admissions process and what you can do to position yourself as a great candidate for admissions. If you don’t feel College Peas was helpful, then send it back within 30 days for a full refund.

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