I’m working on a concept for a new book tentatively entitled The Teenager’s Guide to World Domination. The book provides instructions and shortcuts for teenagers to getting what they want out of life. It will focus on good behavior and taking responsibility for oneself, but will be written as sort of manual for managing the people around you.

For instance, many parents restrict access to television because they think their kids watch to much. As a teenager, a trick for getting your parents to let you watch TV is turn it off after one show and watch in short spurts. Parents who don’t have to tell their kid to stop watching TV won’t mind as much when they watch if they know they are going to turn it off without being asked.

I’m looking for other topics to address. Below is a short form, if you have ideas please complete the form. For example, If my kids would just turn the TV off on their own, I would let them watch more TV!

Use the comment form if you have other thoughts on this topic. If I use your comments I’ll send you a copy of the book.