Will College Peas get me into the college of my dreams?

Maybe, College Peas will significantly improve your chances of getting into any college you choose, but we can’t guarantee you will get in to exactly the college of your dreams. It’s important to keep an open mind about colleges. Getting your heart set on one college is often a recipe for disappointment. The College Peas approach will tell you how to select a college to apply to and how to pick the best college for you.

How can College Peas guarantee I will get into a competitive college?

It can’t. Nobody can. What we can do is give you the ideas and strategies that you will need to put your best foot forward. Our only guarantee is that we will give you your money back if you don’t think our ideas were valuable.

I have terrible grades. Can College Peas help me get into Harvard?

While we can increase your chances of getting into Harvard you still will probably get rejected. We could double your odds from 10% to 20% for instance and you will still have an 80% chance of being rejected. Harvard, like many highly competitive colleges, rejects 4.0 students all the time. For a college like this you need good grades, high test scores and College Peas.

Why is it important to go to a competitive college?

Being eligible for a competitive college means you will have more options when applying to college and you will have a better chance at picking the right college for you. Competitive colleges aren’t necessarily better than less competitive colleges. The most important thing is whether the college is a good fit for you and your aspirations.

Why was Mike such a bad student? Can I trust such a dummy?

Mike was a bad student because he didn’t understand how to be a good student. He realized that being smart doesn’t necessarily mean you get good grades and getting good grades doesn’t necessarily mean you are smart. Getting good grades is a skill like anything else. To some people it comes naturally and others must practice. When Mike figured out how to get good grades he got good grades.
We think you can trust Mike and his advice. After all, it worked for him, he got a good education and he has a unique perspective. You don’t have to trust him if you don’t want to.

Will College Peas help me get scholarships?

Many of the ideas taught in College Peas will bode well for you in the scholarship world as well. College Peas includes a bonus Pea “Pay” that will give you some ideas on how to get your hands on some nice scholarships. Scholarships, however, are not the focus of College Peas.

Why is it called College Peas?

All the topics discussed start with or contain a “P”- get it?

Where can I buy Mike’s book?

Most major bookstore chains carry the book. You can also try BN.com or Amazon.com or other online bookstores.

Can I get a signed copy of Mike’s book?

Yes, carry the book around with you wherever you go. If you see Mike, stop him and he will sign your book.

Is Mike available to speak at my high school’s college night?

Yes. If you are interested in inviting Mike to speak at your high school send us a message through our Contact Us page.

Why don’t you include shipping to Hawaii and Alaska?

No good reason. If you live in Hawaii or Alaska and you think life is unfair and you want us to pay for shipping send us a message through our Contact Us page and make your case.

Why don’t you ship internationally?

It’s a hassle. We have plenty of customers right here in the US. We may expand later on, however. If you live internationally and you think life is unfair and you want us to ship College Peas across the globe send us a message through our Contact Us page and make your case.

What are Carrots?

Carrots are special materials that are available to readers of the book How to Make Colleges Want You: Insider Secrets to Tipping the Admissions Odds in Your Favor, or the DVD seminar. Buy the book or DVD if you want to learn more.

I’m only a freshman, is it too early for College Peas?

Nope. Getting started early will give you a huge advantage in the college admissions process. Most people get College Peas when they are Juniors. The information is still valuable even for Seniors. If you are younger than a Freshman, order College Peas now and save it until you are a Freshman. There is no need to let college angst get in the way of your childhood. Have fun- life is short.

I have a question that’s not on this list, how can I get an answer?

Send us a message through our Contact Us page. If it’s a good question we will add it to this list.