The following tips are free. No strings attached. Use them to your benefit and pass them onto your college-hopeful friends. Our subversive, ulterior motive is that you will find these tips so helpful you will be compelled to purchase the book How to Make Colleges Want You or the DVD College Peas from whence these tips came.

Retrieving the Tips (easy, free, anonymous)

These tips are better known as “Carrots” and they are supplemental information found throughout the book and the DVD. However, we’re going to tell you how to get them.

Here are the tips:


How something we call a Non-Teenager Activity (NTA) will give you a huge admissions advantage over other students. This is one of the best tips.


Why asking a complete stranger to write your college recommendation can give you a serious edge.


How a high school student used an NTA to really stand out from the competition.


How to find a vast amount of obscure data about the college of your choice.

These are just a small smattering of the plethora of tips in the book and the video.

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Ok, now scram. Enough free tips and awesome discounts. This is a business, not a charity.