Much can be done during your junior year to establish yourself as the kind of student colleges crave. With a little effort and the right coaching you can accomplish remarkable things that will make the admissions counselors jaw drop.

The main area of focus at this time will be coaching you towards a Non Teenage Accomplishment or NTA. This is what will allow you to differentiate yourself from others through a life-changing experience. Our clients have start companies, run for public office and complete Ironman triathlons. It may sound hard, but it is entirely within reach.

Other services include:

  • Build your initial target list of colleges (aim high!).
  • Guide you in your academic strategy to ensure you are getting the right grades in the right classes.
  • Advise you with regard to the best test prep method

To get started, use the form below to schedule an introductory consultation or ask any questions you might have.