College Admissions Coaching is about helping students figure out how to be remarkable and stand out in the admissions process. Grades, test scores and extracurricular activities are all important parts of the admissions puzzle, but they are not the only thing. Every college, without exception, is willing to take a risk on a student who may be weak in one or more of these areas if the student demonstrates their abilities in other ways.

Standing out in unique was means engaging in activities and accomplishing things that are unusual for students and showing the admissions team that you mean business.

At the core of our coaching services is coach for a Non-Teenager Accomplishment or NTA. An NTA is any accomplishment that is uncommon for other teenagers.

We help student figure out what they want to accomplish and then provide the tools, direction and ongoing support to do it.

Examples may include:

  1. Starting their own business
  2. Hosting a radio show
  3. Writing a book
  4. Creating a charity
  5. Running an Ironman Triathlon

Once a student has achieved their NTA we help ensure they have a strategy for applying to college that will maximize their chances of getting noticed and getting in.

The Process

Students typically engage us during their sophomore or junior years. The earlier you start the better the results. During our initial consultation we discuss goals, academic history, interests and aptitudes. We will help come up with a few possible achievements worth pursuing. It may take a few meetings to hit the right one, the student will know it when they hear it.


With our guidance the student will embark on the challenge and set clear, achievable milestones along the way. If the student wants to start a business, for instance, we will help them create a business strategy, learn to make sales, understand production and basic finance (if necessary) and even create the right legal structure. Students and parents are often amazed at what can be done.

Academic Strategy

NTAs are important, but academics are too. We will work with the student to make sure they are creating an academic story that will resonate with the admissions staff. If the student needs tutoring we will help get them connected, if they need test prep we will help them find the right path.

Application Strategy

Applying to college is a team effort and we will make sure the student engages the right people at the right time. We will help them make the right connections and present themselves with maturity and confidence.

The college application essays are an important part of communicating the NTA. We will explain the purpose of various application essay questions, which questions to answer, which to avoid, and how to make a lasting impression.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy, just set-up an initial consultation to go over the student’s academic record and discuss general interests.