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Jasmine Roberts- The April 2011 Scholarship Winner!

College Peas is all about getting into selective colleges against the odds. A central theme of the strategy I propose is an NTA or Non-Teenager Activity. I hate to say it, but to many adults teenagers tend to look like a homogeneous group of people with similar styles and interests. Sports, music, art, dance and things like that are critically important to teenagers and incredibly important to an individual’s development, but they don’t show true differentiation between people. An NTA, on the other hand, will allow an adult (in this case an admissions counselor) to see one teenager as distinctly different than another teenager. Admissions counselors are dying to find students who differentiate themselves from other students. An NTA does just that. The winner of the April 30th College Peas Standout Student Scholarship is Jasmine Roberts who has a killer NTA- she conducted a study of the safety of ice in fast food restaurants. This study gained her national attention and landed her on Oprah. To understand why this person was chosen take the following quiz: It is typical for a teenager to love and play music (Y/N) It is typical for a teenager to play sports (Y/N) It is […] read more

Thank you for your interest in the College Peas FREE College Admissions Tips!

Thank you for your interest in the College Peas FREE College Admissions Tips! The following tips are free. No strings attached. Use them to your benefit and pass them onto your college-hopeful friends. Our subversive, ulterior motive is that you will find these tips so helpful you will be compelled to purchase the book How to Make Colleges Want You or the DVD College Peas from whence these tips came. Retrieving the Tips (easy, free, anonymous) These tips are better known as “Carrots” and they are supplemental information found throughout the book and the DVD. However, we’re going to tell you how to get them. Here are the tips: NTA How something we call a Non-Teenager Activity (NTA) will give you a huge admissions advantage over other students. This is one of the best tips. STRANGER Why asking a complete stranger to write your college recommendation can give you a serious edge. BACTERIA How a high school student used an NTA to really stand out from the competition. CDS How to find a vast amount of obscure data about the college of your choice. These are just a small smattering of the plethora of tips in the book and the video. Now, buy the book. You can click here to find it on […] read more

NTA- Carrot

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The Waiting Game- Time Magazine

This is a great article that describes many of the concepts in the College Peas: The Waiting Game. Note references to rising numbers of Maybes (waiting lists), stuffing the ballot box (sending notes), and NTAs (Jordan Vincent’s work with the IRS.)   read more

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