Ellen Ziarko, Parent

Ellen Ziarko, Parent Ellen Ziarko, Parent “[After the College Peas] I feel much more at ease. We will look at the process with a clear vision of how things work.” read more

P. Rosemeyer, Junior

P. Rosemeyer, Junior “I have a new perspective on some different aspects of the college process – most importantly, it’s now not so daunting!” read more

J. Chen, Junior

J. Chen, Junior J. Chen, Junior “The College Peas taught me that [getting in] is not as bad as everybody make it to be. Mike shows a genius way to get passed the admissions process.” read more

T. Porter, Junior

T. Porter, Junior  T. Porter, Junior “After attending the College Peas I feel much more relaxed and confident. I learned about the NTA, it’s a great idea!” read more

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